The Difference Between Hotel Inspections and Home Inspections

A New York inspection company recently highlighted some of the major differences between hotel inspections and home inspection. The presentation is quite enlightening and a few of the key points will be discussed in this piece. In order to clear the air, it is important to state the basic difference. Hotel inspectors are usually government employees who carry out their statutory function in order to ensure the safety of all who use the services of the hotel. On the other hand, a home inspector is a business person or individual that is engaged by a client based on the client’s personal volition.

The Hotel InspectorOne of the major things that a hotel inspector looks at is the building and safety codes. Things like the structure of the building, the installation of fire alarms and emergency exits are assessed. This is done in line with the standards that are set for most commercial buildings. It must be stated that a home inspector does not particularly look out for these things. The average home is concerned about the strength of the building and other related matters. Issues of safety may be addressed but it will not be as topical as that of a hotel inspector.

Another major difference is that the restaurant in the hotel is inspected by the hotel inspector. The standards that are used for the average restaurant is used to assess the hotel’s outlet. The inspector looks out for things like the state of the equipment that are used in processing the food, the cleanliness of the staff, etc. Most times the inspection of a hotel’s restaurant is done in an unscheduled manner. This is to allow the inspector to get a firsthand knowledge about the operations of the hotel. Also, the hotel may be fined or lose its rating if it is discovered that their service is not up to par.

A picture of a home inspectorIt is interesting to note that unlike what most people think, the hotel room is not subject to inspection. Any hotel that opens its rooms for inspection only does that on a voluntary basis. This means that hotels maintain a decent standard in their rooms in order to ensure the comfort of their guests. Conversely, a home inspector inspects the rooms in a house for defects and not for matters related to comfort. This is another major difference in the scope of their assignment.

Advanced Home Inspections LLC, which is a leading company in the US has stated that people must ensure that they engage the expert that best suits their need. They believe that the more individuals are enlightened about the different kinds of inspectors that service different institutions; everyone will be better for it. Currently, they have volunteered to hold customer interactive sessions to educate people about the different types of inspectors and how they can enjoy the best service.

In the light of the difference between a hotel inspector and a home inspector, the path to certification in each of this range is quite different. There are some similarities but the hotel inspector has a broader scope of work when he is carrying out his inspections.