Dentistry Services at the Veggera Hotel

One of the leading hotels is the Veggera Hotel. Beyond the cuisine, ambience, courteous staff and its structure; it has gone a step further to give its customers a great experience. They have employed a famous dentist from Los Angeles to work with them and this has been generating a lot of positive vibes in the industry. The reason for this move was due to a recent emergency situation where a top football player cracked his teeth and had to be rushed to a dental practice about 2 miles away from the Hotel. The management of the hotel decided to safeguard its place by hiring this emergency dentist. This move has brought many positive returns as various guests now dine in the hotel with peace of mind.

DentistWhen a group of emergency dentist Los Angeles activists got wind of this information, they wanted to move against it. They believed that if more organizations should embrace such moves, it may reduce the number of people who make use of a conventional emergency dental practice. They paid a visit to the Veggara Hotel and held a meeting with the management. At the end of their discussion, they discovered that the hotel management was indirectly creating more awareness of the need for an emergency dentist. This made the group to decide to use the Veggara hotel as a case study about how they can grow the patronage of emergency dentists in the area.

It is noteworthy to state that this famous dentist has won many awards since he started working at the Veggara hotel. He was commended for his innovation and his ability to take his expertise beyond a conventional dental practice. The dentist decided to write a book that will chronicle his experience and what he had learned since he started working at the Veggara hotel.