Interviewing Home Inspection Tycoon Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton is a former Long Island home inspector and industry tycoon who has an amazing story. He rose through the ranks as a home inspector to franchise one of the biggest home inspection companies in the world. In his early days, he discovered that he would use home inspection as his pedestal to gain influence in the society. He gave his dream about two decades to materialize fully. Behind his vision was a desire to do something that was completely different. He wanted to step into a place where nothing could stop him from actualizing his dreams. He muted about getting into the hotel business in his later years, but no one took him seriously.

This is a picture of joseph hamiltonHis Long Island home inspection company became one of the leading names in the region. Mr. Hamilton ensured that they built a culture that put the customer at the center of what they do. This single move won them so many rave reviews in the media. This unique individual began to get invitations to appear on TV, Webinars, Radio, etc.; to share the secret of his success. He stated that there are very few people who dare to think outside of the box. He said that anyone who can make up their mind to pursue their goals with all their heart would surely achieve it. He further emphasized that he built his business through sheer determination.

When was he asked by a TV reporter – why he left his profitable home inspection company in Long Island to start a hotel? His response was full of so many philosophical quotes and captured some of the reasons why he was successful in business. He said that upon retirement from home inspection, he wanted to do something that was completely different. This is what led him to build a hotel business that is currently making waves. In his submission, Mr. Hamilton stated that he was surprised that the hotel became a huge success. He attributed it to the fact that those who knew him as a home inspector put so much confidence in his new project.

Also, he said that he was not quite pleased about the hospitality industry. His experiences at some of the leading brands left him with a sour taste. He decided to create solutions instead of joining the train of the Wailers. This led him to build a hotel that is currently setting the pace for others. When the last survey of the hotels in the area was made, Mr. Hamilton’s hotel was among the top 5 in the niche.

As a way of appreciating people for all that he has enjoyed in the course of his career, he decided to give 50% discount to anyone who patronizes his hotel. This slash created intense competition, but he used this technique to edge out some of the game. Mr. Hamilton said he was having fun running his hotel and he sees it as the perfect fit for him. It is vital to mention that there are so many young people who have picked interest in the story of Mr. Hamilton. They are desirous of doing something new when their current career paths have ended.


5 Reasons Every Hotel Should Have a Tree Service Contract

There are many things that make a Hotel stand out but one of the key issues remain the state of the environment in which the Hotel is situated. Among the many things that make up the space are the trees that are planted in the location. There is nothing that puts off a prospective guest in a hotel than to see a shoddy environment. In order to ensure that the hotel is in line with the requirements of the savvy guest, they need to take good care about the state of the trees in their space. We will quickly look at 5 reasons every hotel should have a tree service contract.

The first one is that handling tree removal can be a tedious assignment. It pays to have the experts to handle it. For example, if you visit –, you will discover that there are basic steps that must be taken before a tree is removed. One of them is to find out the damage that may occur in the environment if the tree is removed. Also, another thing is that tree removal may require the use of heavy duty equipment which are usually the stronghold of tree service contractors.

The second reason why a hotel should have a tree service contract is that it helps them focus on their core assignment. The Staff are able to take care of their guests and not get worked up about chopping the branch of a tree. It is important to state that one of the things that will affect the motivation or morale of the hotel staff is when too much is demanded of them. It is better to get a company to handle jobs such as tree removal and maintenance while your staff focus on bigger issues.

tree removal servicesThe third reason why this is important is that it gives your hotel a professional outlook. It is only a run-of-the-mill business that tries to handle everything by itself. It is wise to give a rich impression in the minds of anyone who works into your facility. The tree removal company will show your guests that you have made or you are making the right investment to ensure that they enjoy their stay.

The fourth reason why a tree service contract is crucial is that you are able to quickly address any issue that may affect your environment. The experts have a way of looking at the state of the trees and are able to pick out those that are hazardous. Also, if a tree is infected with any disease, the professionals will be able to address the situation before it spreads.

Finally, the reason why you need this contract is that you will be able to enjoy discounted service due to the retainer agreement. It is ideal to look for ways to reduce your operating costs and having a tree service contract is one of the ways to get this done. Everyone knows that the essence of every business is to make profit so you can ensure you enjoy good margins when you have a tree service contract in place.

Dentistry Services at the Veggera Hotel

One of the leading hotels is the Veggera Hotel. Beyond the cuisine, ambience, courteous staff and its structure; it has gone a step further to give its customers a great experience. They have employed a famous dentist from Los Angeles to work with them and this has been generating a lot of positive vibes in the industry. The reason for this move was due to a recent emergency situation where a top football player cracked his teeth and had to be rushed to a dental practice about 2 miles away from the Hotel. The management of the hotel decided to safeguard its place by hiring this emergency dentist. This move has brought many positive returns as various guests now dine in the hotel with peace of mind.

DentistWhen a group of emergency dentist Los Angeles activists got wind of this information, they wanted to move against it. They believed that if more organizations should embrace such moves, it may reduce the number of people who make use of a conventional emergency dental practice. They paid a visit to the Veggara Hotel and held a meeting with the management. At the end of their discussion, they discovered that the hotel management was indirectly creating more awareness of the need for an emergency dentist. This made the group to decide to use the Veggara hotel as a case study about how they can grow the patronage of emergency dentists in the area.

It is noteworthy to state that this famous dentist has won many awards since he started working at the Veggara hotel. He was commended for his innovation and his ability to take his expertise beyond a conventional dental practice. The dentist decided to write a book that will chronicle his experience and what he had learned since he started working at the Veggara hotel.

The Incredible And Majestic Veggera That Serves As A Luxurious Hotel

Hotels are one of the best places to stay when on vacations. A hotel is a place that offers its guests with a plethora of facilities and services that will make their stay in the hotel a pleasant one. So, for this reason, there are various hotels, which are luxurious as well as attractive and offer their customers with a lavish style as well as various accommodations.

The majestic Veggera Hotel

People who love to go on vacations need a good hotel to stay. A good hotel is a necessity for international tourists who are on business trips. The Veggera is one such hotel that showers lavishness and luxury to the people who visit it. People from all over the place can visit it while on vacation to make their stay a comfortable and an excellent one. The hotel is one of the most extravagant ones that offer customers with some superb facilities and services that will leave them satisfied as well as happy.

The excellent services rendered by them

A visitor need not think twice about choosing to stay there due to the luxurious rooms provided by them. Starting from guest rooms to legacy suites and single bedroom suites to the special ones, they will attract a lot of people. These rooms enhance the staying experience of people as these rooms are excellent ones to stay. They are incredibly comfortable as well as elegant and stylish.

The hotel serves as a great place for people who love to eat. So, a tourist can expect to have a fabulous dining experience here with a range of options available to them such as five different kinds of dining option. There are restaurants where people can dine and consume a range of international as well as national foods. There is also the option of a classy bar where tourists will get to taste some of the world’s finest drinks that range from wines to champagnes and caviar to whiskeys. They, therefore, are a great place for alcohol lovers.

The hotel also provides its customers with the option of doing shopping from famous branded national and international stores. There are shops within the hotel that serve items ranging from clothes to jewelry to gadgets, etc. So, they serve as an excellent place for tourists to do their shopping while on vacation or when on work related purposes.

Some other additional facilities that are provided by them

The hotel not only serves as a great place for staying but also provides customers with a wide range of entertainment sections that will double their pleasure and satisfaction. The hotel has a gym with every kind of modern technologies and innovations that will please gym lovers and body builders. The hotel also has a salon, thus serving people with expert hairdressers and people who will serve people with the useful beauty products and techniques. Thus they serve their customers well and make their stay in the hotel a pleasant and excellent one. These services raise the level of the hotel.