Interviewing Home Inspection Tycoon Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton is a former Long Island home inspector and industry tycoon who has an amazing story. He rose through the ranks as a home inspector to franchise one of the biggest home inspection companies in the world. In his early days, he discovered that he would use home inspection as his pedestal to gain influence in the society. He gave his dream about two decades to materialize fully. Behind his vision was a desire to do something that was completely different. He wanted to step into a place where nothing could stop him from actualizing his dreams. He muted about getting into the hotel business in his later years, but no one took him seriously.

This is a picture of joseph hamiltonHis Long Island home inspection company became one of the leading names in the region. Mr. Hamilton ensured that they built a culture that put the customer at the center of what they do. This single move won them so many rave reviews in the media. This unique individual began to get invitations to appear on TV, Webinars, Radio, etc.; to share the secret of his success. He stated that there are very few people who dare to think outside of the box. He said that anyone who can make up their mind to pursue their goals with all their heart would surely achieve it. He further emphasized that he built his business through sheer determination.

When was he asked by a TV reporter – why he left his profitable home inspection company in Long Island to start a hotel? His response was full of so many philosophical quotes and captured some of the reasons why he was successful in business. He said that upon retirement from home inspection, he wanted to do something that was completely different. This is what led him to build a hotel business that is currently making waves. In his submission, Mr. Hamilton stated that he was surprised that the hotel became a huge success. He attributed it to the fact that those who knew him as a home inspector put so much confidence in his new project.

Also, he said that he was not quite pleased about the hospitality industry. His experiences at some of the leading brands left him with a sour taste. He decided to create solutions instead of joining the train of the Wailers. This led him to build a hotel that is currently setting the pace for others. When the last survey of the hotels in the area was made, Mr. Hamilton’s hotel was among the top 5 in the niche.

As a way of appreciating people for all that he has enjoyed in the course of his career, he decided to give 50% discount to anyone who patronizes his hotel. This slash created intense competition, but he used this technique to edge out some of the game. Mr. Hamilton said he was having fun running his hotel and he sees it as the perfect fit for him. It is vital to mention that there are so many young people who have picked interest in the story of Mr. Hamilton. They are desirous of doing something new when their current career paths have ended.